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The Silkecigs is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in the market. 
Silk-S102W starter kit comes with
2x5 Cartomizers Medium Strength
1x lithium battery
1x USB Charger 

1x Lithium Battery
2x5 Cartomizers Medium Strength
1 x Wall Charger
1x USB Charger
Our Amazing Silk-S102W starter kit is the perfect opportunity to try out electronic cigarettes and see what all the fuss is about! Each Cartomizer lasts up to 300 puffs and the rechargeable battery last for more than 300 charges. The Cartomizers do not contain any pollutants, tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, arsenic or other carcinogenic, making the Silk-S102W Starter kit a clear alternative for smokers. However, Since the product contains nicotine, and since NICOTINE is a highly addictive substance, electronic cigarettes are not marketed as "stop smoking" devices.