About Us

Unlike so many other electronic cigarette suppliers, Silkecigs is based right here in the

UK .Silk Electronic Cigarette has a fast growing number of national and international outlets including the pharmacy.

The business is a family based organization, working hard to ensure we give the customer the very best electronic cigarette experience, with service hopefully exceeding the expectation of the customer.  We the original founders where indeed Ex heavy smokers, who truly understand what makes the perfect smoking experience and produced the original favorite Silk510 Model In 2010.

Our passion for electronic smoking drives us through a continuous cycle of research and development – The result is the amazing Silk510  Unbeatable for smoking experience. We will be always driven by our valued customers passion of the Silkecigs and continue to improve and innovate.

Silk electronic cigarettes Are Eco-Friendly

The Silkecigs  produces no smoke, only an odorless vapor totally harmless to others, and there is no need for ashtrays as no ash is produced.  Your clothes and area of smoking do not smell; there is also less litter as there is no cigarette butt end to dispose off. The management of SIlkecigs has a vision of helping to create a smoke free environment  for all to enjoy around the world by offering clean smoking without the flame, ash and tar found in traditional cigarettes.

Silk electronic cigarettes are Non-Flammable
The Silkecigs does not require ignition and is a 100% non-flammable device. There is no danger of anything burning and no substance is lit within the NUCIG. Additionally the Silkecigs have been safety tested and are compliant with both CE & RoHS certifications.

Silk electronic cigarettes


Smoking Health Act Ban 2006


The Silkecigs can be used legally indoors where traditional smoking may be restricted and prohibited. The Statutory Definitions of the Smoking Health Act Ban 2006 state 

‘Smoking includes being in possession of lit tobacco or of anything lit which contains tobacco or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked’
The key terms in the legislation are smoke (ing) and (lit), because a substance will have to be (lit) in order for smoking to take place. The Silkecigs  is neither lit or produces smoke, but the Silkecigs  smoke is a process of evaporation and is simply an odorless water based vapor.

As a result of the above, there is no breach of the Health Act in using the SIlkecigs. The Silkecigs can legally be smoked where the Smoking ban prohibits smoking a normal tobacco based cigarette including bars, restaurants and other public places.

Who is using Silk electronic cigarettes

The Silkecigs is marketed and sold worldwide and customers include University lecturers, Doctors, Filming/Stage Play companies and Smoking Clinic advisors.  Bars, pubs, retailing outlets and coffee houses reselling the Silkecigs have reported increased profits by becoming very popular with the general smoking customer.