Vaping Kits

Vaping devices come in different shapes and colours dependent on their uses and cost. Some resemble traditional cigarettes, a box, pen or tube. However, despite the many e-cigarettes available in the market today, components of vaping kits are common. For instance, all vaping devices utilize a lithium battery to heat the wire coil while a wick draws the e-liquid to the coil in order to trigger vaporization. Moreover, all vaping devices have one ultimate purpose; to deliver power to the atomizer. That said, vaping kits parts are explained below.


The battery is the most important e-cigarette accessory because it supplies power that triggers device functionality. Most vaping devices use replaceable and rechargeable high drain batteries. A large number of vaping enthusiasts prefer to use replaceable and rechargeable batteries because they are portable and ensure that your e-cigarette never runs out of power.


An atomizer is heat resistant part that olds wire coils and their wicks and sometimes an e-liquid reservoir. Atomizers come in different styles like; rebuildable dripping atomizers, rebuildable tank atomizer, atomized cartridges, and hybrid atomizers among others.


Coils are small resistance wire pieces that resemble springs. The coil’s resistance is determined by the type of wires used, the number of wraps and coil diameter. Coil resistance determines the amount of electricity required to power it as well as the amount of heat it will yield. Coils are made from safe vaping materials like Nickel, NiChrome, and Kanthal.


E-liquid is a solution that contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, food flavours and nicotine. It features varying nicotine amounts that range from high to low. Most cigarette smokers who switch to e-cigarettes prefer e-juices with high nicotine amounts like 18mg/ml or 24mg/ml. Gradually, they switch to lower nicotine strengths of around 12mg/ml in a bid to enjoy better flavours. The lower the nicotine strength, the higher the flavour.


Wicks are made from different materials like eko-wool, cotton, stainless steel mesh, and ceramic. Their purpose is delivering the e-juice from the tank to coil for vaporization.

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