Silk E cigar x 4

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1. Silk E Cigar is an electrical device that simulates the act of smoking by producing an inhaled vapor;

2. Smoking Silk E Cigar feel like smoke real cigarette, bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and often the  of inhaled smoke;

3. Silk E Cigar is without its odor or its health risks;

4. If you a smoker, Silk E Cigar is good for you and people around you, and the enviroment;

5. With Silk E Cigar, you can smoke anywhere. Live better, live longer!



1300 Puffs Soft Disposable Silk E cigar

Disposable Ecigar
1)Good taste,Huge vapor
2)650 mah battery,1800 puffs
4)fashionable appearance


2.Battery: Lithium,650 mAh; Red LED light;
3.atomizer inject 4.2ml can support 1300 puffs
4.Many different kinds can be chosen;
5.huge vapor,feel like smoking real cigar.

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