21 Sep

How Moving From Tobacco Cigars To Vape Cigars Can Save Your Life?

Cigars, in the early nineties used to be a symbol of class. Initially old man used to smoke it more than the middle-aged men. But with time, the popularity of cigars reached to the sky and it gets common to smoke a cigar while doing whatsoever.

Cigars today are modernized with flavors too but as of today not everyone can smoke a cigar as it is heavy for lungs and body due to the high levels of nicotine. Now, if we talk about the latest times, this new era world is capable of smoking electronically. Yes, we now have several devices and gadgets that are made to make the smoking experience more relaxing and reliable, since smoking tobacco causes cancer and it is not reliable. Similarly, vape cigar also known as e-cigar has replaced the use of actual cigar and here are the reasons why!

vape cigars


No Tobacco

Since there is no tobacco in electronic smoking devices there is no risk of cancer and other respiratory problems. Also, there’s no smell of tobacco, in fact, the smoke that comes out of e-cigars doesn’t have harsh but a soothing smell of smoke.

No Paper

The paper in which the tobacco is rolled and expensively sold to us is not at all good for our health. That paper is a big reason why people get sick after smoking for years as the ‘tar’ gets collected inside their lungs. Moreover, smoking either cigarettes or cigar can lead to life-threatening diseases such as mouth concern, lung cancer, and heart-related problems.


A mid-size cigar can provide only 50 puffs of smoke, a full-size tobacco cigar might give you 100 puffs almost, whereas, these vape cigars can run for similar to 20 cigars and afar that too you would be able to recharge it and use it again.

Nicotine Levels

There is an inbuilt cartridge inside it which contains e-liquid that makes the smoke. This liquid comes in packs with having different levels of nicotine. So, the people who were thinking about quitting this bad habit of smoking tobacco can move to vape cigars in order to save their life. You can simply start with the level of nicotine you regularly consume and then you can gradually reduce the levels and consumption by going to lower levels of nicotine in e-liquid.

Choice of Flavors

One of the best things about having an e cigar is that it supports flavored e-liquid that smells awesome. You can simply get smoke from the vape cigar and at the same time, you can get the taste from the smoke. These e-liquids come in a verity of flavors such as mint, chocolate, grapes, and many others.

So don’t burn your lungs and start vaping your heart out as it is the best way to smoke in the modern time.


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