E-Cigarette Batteries

Just like any rechargeable battery, e-cigarette batteries are prone to degrade, run out of power or worse still fail to hold chargers. Moreover, there have been a few reports about vaping devices that have exploded and caused serious injuries. Therefore, they should be handled with care and as per manufacturer’s guidelines. Here are a few tips e-cigarette batteries maintenance tips.

Do not overcharge

Just like cell phone batteries, e-cigarette batteries should not be overcharged or left to charge long past the period it requires to fully charge the batteries. Overcharging overworks the battery making it difficult to hold enough power for long periods.

Store carefully

There have been cases where e-cigarette batteries have exploded after coming into contact with metallic items like coins or pocket keys. It is highly recommended that vaping batteries should be transported and stored in plastic cases. Apart from exploding, vaping batteries can degrade once they come to contact with certain things. They should also not be exposed to direct sunlight, extreme heat, dirty or dampness.

Use them regularly

Regular use prolongs the life of e-cigarette batteries. Vaping devices are powered by Lithium-ion batteries that are designed for daily use. That is why they power cell phones and tablets conveniently for years. If you have many batteries, rotate and ensure each one is used regularly.

Avoid storing empty batteries

If you have more than one e-cigarette battery, ensure that they are all fully charged before storing. Batteries drain even when they are not in use. Therefore, dead batteries tend to have less charging capacity.

E-cigarette batteries safety is an important vaping aspect. Unfortunately, most vapers choose to ignore safety and maintenance guidelines resulting in battery damages, reduced lifespan, and poor vaping experience. Always go through and adhere to manufacturers’ battery maintenance and safety guidelines.