E-Cigarette Accessories

Unlike cigars, e-cigarettes are amazing because they offer an alternative and healthier way of consuming nicotine. To sweeten the deal, you can use different e-cigarette accessories to improve your vaping experience. Below are a few e-cigarette accessories you can use to enhance your vaping experience.


Though you only require one charger, having an alternative USB charger can work in your favour. USB chargers are versatile because they can be used with laptops, computers and car adapters. Therefore, they allow you to charge your vaping device from a car outlet especially when on the road. As such, it would be advisable to have a home USB charger and a car USB charger for convenience.

Personal charging case

A personal charging case is an e-cigarette accessory designed to offer numerous functions, convenience, and freedom for the vaper. It holds up to six extra cartridges, batteries, feature an exterior and interior light and an LED display that notifies you of the remaining battery power. Moreover, it comes with an additional USB and wall charger.

Universal carry case

This extra case is ideal for keeping your cartridges and e-cigarettes safe. It makes carrying extra e-cigar batteries safer since they will be protected from coming into contact with metallic items that can trigger an explosion. It is also a way of staying organized and making sure that your e-cigarette investment is well-maintained.


The more batteries you have, the more options you enjoy. Moreover, you can have specific batteries for specific flavours and keeps you covered especially when you need to vape while one battery is charging.


There are numerous e-cigarette accessories that are designed to enhance and help you enjoy the ultimate vaping experience. So, if you are a beginner looking to enjoy a unique vaping experience, go through reliable vaping websites or seek assistance at a vaping store UK.